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tires plus credit card login

UPDATED: December 8, 2017 – In a Gallup survey conducted in 2014, 33% of all American households had at least two CC’s. Another 18% had at least four. With so many people owning CC’s, it’s clear that many Americans believe that they are important to their finances.

America’s reliance on CC’s come at no surprise. They are efficient, more secure than cash, useful for budgeting, and helpful in financial emergencies, especially when it comes to auto repairs.

Tires Plus offers a CC that many people enjoy owning. As a full-service maintenance and car repair shop, many people find that owning this type of account is an easy way to get the repairs they need for their vehicles, in particular with the average cost of four tires exceeding $600. Instead of paying for their repairs all at once, they can finance their vehicle repairs so that they can easily maintain their household budgets.

Benefits of Tires Plus Credit Card

Many cardholders attest to enjoying the benefits that CC companies offer them. In fact, some people apply for them based on the perks that the will companies offer. Fortunately, there are many benefits available for eligible individuals when it comes to applying for the Tires Plus credit card, including:

  • No annual fee: Tires Plus doesn’t charge an annual fee, which saves their customers money.
  • Nationwide recognition: Cardholders aren’t limited to their local store when it comes to using the card. They can make purchases at any of the 1,600  stores across the nation.
  • Record of auto maintenance: Auto maintenance purchased using the card is documented, allowing cardholders a hassle-free solution to keeping up with their car repairs.
  • Paperless statements: Cardholders can get email notifications reminding them that their bill statement has printed, preventing them from forgetting to make their payment on time.
  • Promotions: this company  offers cardholders exclusive savings on a regular basis.

The benefits they provide go beyond the personal benefits of owning the card. All in all, many people relish the perks.

tires plus credit card login

Drawbacks of Owning a Tires Plus Credit Card

The Tires Plus credit card is a store account that’s backed by Credit First National Association (CFNA). Even though there are a lot of benefits available to cardholders, there are some drawbacks too.

High-Interest Rate: Cardholders are fond of  companies that offer low-interest rates. With a low-interest rate, cardholders pay less for their debt. Unfortunately, CFNA’s interest charge is steep at 22.8%. The national average interest rate is currently 15.07%.

Shorter Billing Cycle: In truth, a shorter billing cycle can be beneficial, but it can be a drawback too. With a shorter billing cycle, it’s easier for cardholders to forget to make a payment. With a 23-day billing cycle, they offer a cycle is only two days longer than the 21-day billing cycle minimum required by law. With fewer days to pay your bill, they may place an undue burden on their cardholders.

Some Promotions Require a Minimum Charge: Although they offer promotions for their cardholders, to qualify, many people have to make a minimum purchase. A minimum purchase may encourage cardholders to take on more debt so that they can be eligible for the promotion.

People who apply for Tires Plus credit card must consider the drawbacks in addition to the benefits of having the card before they start incurring debt.

Managing the Tires Plus Credit Card Login

tires plus credit card login

Like many companies that offer a CC, This one allows their cardholders to manage their card online by visiting the Tires Plus credit card login website. By using this, individuals can easily manage their account online, including verifying a payment was received, reviewing their transactions, and updating their personal information.

An emergency auto repair can happen at any time. With many people relying on their cars and trucks to get them to and from work, delaying car repairs isn’t always possible. Fortunately, the Tires Plus credit card allows cardholders to charge auto parts and auto repairs to their cards when they make their purchase at one of their 1,600 stores.

People who are interested in applying can do so online. They also have the ability to contact the company by calling either of the numbers below:

Customer Service: 1-800-321-3950

They can also mail correspondence to Tire Plus:
BK-11/Customer Service
PO Box 81315
Cleveland, OH 44181-0315

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