Take the Day Off….Even if It’s a Tuesday


It was a Tuesday.  And I took a day off.

UPDATED:  April 12, 2018 – I had an invitation to go to the beach for an afternoon of surfing. Sadly, I often find myself turning down invitations to do such things with terrible excuses that involve work. After months of turning down the invitations they tend to just stop, your friends already know the answer.

Work has been exhausting and frustrating lately so the idea of jumping in the frigid waters of the pacific ocean and trying to manage a surf board for the 2nd time in my life seemed like the perfect outlet.

The drive out to the coast is filled with every shade of green you can imagine.

As we zoomed through the curves, sunshine poured in from the sunroof, we vented about each of the struggles we were having with our businesses.

Just as we arrived to the first beach town, we both felt a sense of peace as we had vented our daily troubles and had left the bustle of the city behind us. We rented our surfboards, body suites, and got briefed on the best surf spots near by.

As I sat on the beach, prepping to go into the waves, I could not believe that I was only an hour and half away from the city. My problems were still in the back of my mind but I was so glad I had taken the day off.

The next few hours I thrashed around in the waves, taking a beating, but loving every moment of it.  Wave after wave, I was all wetsuit and smiles. Check out this article of the health benefits of surfing.

For the first time in a long while, work did not cross my mind for hours on end.

Burgers and beers finished the night off. We sat in a small dark bar and recounted our surfing accomplishments, how beautiful the day had turned out and how we should do this on a weekly basis. Conversations turned to business again but in a much lighter manner than our conversations on the drive out.

There was a new sense of excitement and possibility. It was 10:30 pm and I was exhausted!

The quick over night trip was a great example of how easy it is to get a great distance away from the city and work and not actually have to drive more than an hour. I am always afraid of missing something if I leave.

Nothing was missed. No laptop was opened. Cell phone service was spotty at best. It was perfect. I was able to relax so much that I actually was able to take the following day off too.

Could this be the summer of surf?
How might this positively impact my business?

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