Why I Look Forward to Hearing “NO”


I don’t come from a sales background.
Truth is, I’ve never had a sales job in my life.

Yet, the future of my company now hinges on me making sales happen and in a pretty short time frame. Since my company includes myself and one other lone employee, we must try and learn how to best communicate with buyers who are sold to by pros on a daily basis. I’m not a person who really likes hearing ‘No.’

For far too long I was under the impression that a ‘maybe’ was best. In my mind, a ‘maybe’ was not a ‘no.’ “No’ was a rejection and something I feared.

I could not have been more wrong!

Through the past year I’ve learned that the quickest way to getting a ‘yes’ is through ‘No.’ If you are trying to run a company on maybe then you are doomed.

I have been courting a national chain for the past eight months. The potential account had been stuck in maybe for way too long. I finally was able to push them into a response which was no. It stung for a minute as they had hinted at a test order the week before.

I used this opportunity to get some feedback from the buyer to find out why they did not think the product would work in their stores. Through two emails the buyer is now looking forward to new mockups and is in a buyer mindset that she will purchase our product if it meets her needs.

Often times sales is not “fun” and can be a grind but nothing feels as good when you finally get that yes.

Cheers to 1000’s more ‘No’

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