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Paycor is one of largest providers of human capital management software also known as HRM . The company sells it’s online payroll software for both small businesses and large corporations. prides themself on their world class payroll management software combined with their in house experts to manage and streamline HR departments workload. The software also helps companies ensure tax and ACA compliance as well.

Accessing your Paycor employee login pay stubs is done directly from the following url: Simply navigate to the top right of the screen and click the Paycor sign in button.

Looking for help signing in to

Paycor login help small

Browse to and enter your Paycor employee login and password and click the Sign in button.

Seems pretty easy but still having Paycor Sign in issues? Make sure to check the following things.

Did you get a registration email or letter in the mail from your employer?

If the answer is no, then you will need to reach out to your HR or Payroll software department.

Are you a Paycor employee trying to register and getting a message saying that your name is invalid?

Double check with your HR department on what information they have in the system as it much match exactly.

Are you missing your verification code from the payroll software signup process?

Check your junk/spam folder
If it’s not there then contact the person in charge of the Payroll management application. more info

Who uses HRM Software?

Paycor HRM software is used by some incredibly well known national brands as well as small companies and even non-profits. They have built a very large presence within the healthcare industry over the past 30 years with an incredible 93% retention rate and over 175 thousand employees paid via their payroll management system.

Specializing in HRM for healthcare companies:

  • Arkansas surgical hospital
  • Sunset Retirement Communities and services
  • AMG
  • Women’s Care Florida.

Financial institutions utilizing online enterprise HR management:

  • Fifth Third Bank
  • Envision Credit Union
  • Accounting Principals

ACA compliance software can save companies from hour of manual work completing the required forms for each employee by automating the process. It also dramatically lowers the risk of fines or penalties from the IRS.

  • Dedicated ACA reporting software
  • IRS filing
  • Single point of contact for support
  • Eligibility is tracked by hour
  • Frequent live webinars to inform you on changes and what needs to be done.

Tax compliance software

The Internal Revenue Service estimates that 40% of small to medium sized companies are fined for calculating employee payroll tax incorrectly.

The companies compliance experts can make sure your company is not apart of the 6 billion dollars in payroll tax penalties assets by the IRS each year.

Quickbooks Online Payroll vs Paycor

Although the company has developed a large customer base through it’s online payroll services, they are certainly not the only large company supporting HR departments.

Intuit Online Payroll has been providing payroll for small businesses for years. The company now boasts that it serves 1.3 million companies for payroll and tax services.

The big advantage is that Inuit payroll services plugs in directly to Intuit Quickbooks which many small to medium companies are already using to manage their business.

Both companies offer employee time tracking, workers comp payment services, 1099 contractor forms, and other labor related services.

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