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NetSpend Login Account - Prepaid Debit Cards

UPDATED: March 30, 2020 – The prepaid debit card market has exploded in recent years. Many reports show that 50% of Americans are now purchasing prepaid debit accounts each year.

This seems like extremely high usage but considering that 68 million people in the U.S. do not utilize traditional bank accounts or services offered by CC companies. NetSpend shares space with OneVanilla, AceEliteCard and


Pros to NetSpend Activation

This prepaid Visa is one of the bigger players in the industry. They became a popular option for those with poor credit scores and are not able to access low interest CC’s with 0% APR offerings.

Because it is funded by your own bank or a direct deposit from your employer, it makes overspending impossible, as it will only allow you to spend what you have.

It also does not require a credit report check which can prove helpful for some. However, because there is no reporting done by the credit bureaus, it does not allow for credit repair.

Because the product functions in the same way as a typical Visa or Mastercard, and is generally issued by major CC companies, users have reported that they have found it useful to utilize their prepaid account to pay for goods where cash is not accepted.

The company offers a suite of prepaid CC services that includes:

  • Receiving payments faster
  • Safely paying billsNetSpend Login Portal
  • No Credit Checks
  • No Minimum netSpend Balance
  • Managing your online profile with their mobile app

Managing Your finances with NetSpend Login

Signing up for an online profile gives you easy access to your finances from anywhere with internet access.

You can check your netSpend balance, handle online bill paying arrangements via FlashPay, move money to another institution, and pay outstanding bills such as rent.

You can choose between:

  • Premier FeeAdvantage*
  • FeeAdvantage
  • Pay as you go

*To qualify for the Premier plan you must meet the minimum requirement of cash deposited through direct deposit. It is very important to read the fine details of each level as they have a substantially different set of fees that apply to each category.

Skylight PayOptions

One of the many card options that this company provides is  Skylight One. Skylight PayOptions is a way to do paperless payroll.

This is an account that allows employers to pay their employees via direct deposit instead of by cutting checks.

It reduces paper waste the potential cost of cutting checks, yet includes full program management including implementation, support training and marketing services.

For the employees, it saves time by not requiring you to stand in a line to cash your check and  reduces costs by not requiring possible check cashing fees.

This program also implements money management tools, helping employees to track and control their spending.

Activation and Reloading Funds

Once you have completed your netSpend activation, you can easily add and reload funds by using a multitude of sources including, but not limited to PayPal, direct deposit, check deposit and via one of their reload locations.

The Reload Location map on lists all of the nearby reload locations based on your zip code or city and state.

Settled Charges

On June 15, 2017, the Federal Trade Commission announced that NetSpend would be providing refunds to settle charges that people couldn’t access their netSpend balance from their accounts.

If you are one of the many that are eligible for this refund, you would’ve been reached out to via email and mail. In both notices, you will receive either a paper or online form of a free refund request with instructions indicating how to fill it out.

Because this company specializes in prepaid cards for costumers that don’t have bank accounts, being unable to access funds meant that some of those users may have been left with nothing to their name.

Of the excess of $40 million in funds belonging to these users, only $3.6million has been able to be accessed. The company says that they will continue working with those users and returning the money to whom it belongs.

In addition to not having the ability to possess their full assets associated with their accounts, many of these cardholders were also charged wrongful insufficient funds fees.

In order to resolve this, the company plans to refund the $13 million in fees charged before August of 2016 in hopes that they will not lose all trust from their customers.

Company Contact Information

Email: customer [email protected]
Telephone number: 1-86NETSPEND (1-866-387-7363
Mailing address: P.O. Box 2136. Austin, TX. 78768-2136

For All Subscribers

To reset your username or password, please see the Reset Password link on the homepage.

NOTE: We are not affiliated with NetSpend, and you should NOT contact us with any sensitive information that is of a personal nature. We are merely a resource that provides information.

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