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UPDATED May 4, 2020 – Premier Bank specializes in credit cards for those with bruised, little or no credit. One of the many things that makes the MyPremierCreditCard is known for giving free access to your Experian credit report.

My premier bank credit card Those looking to improve their FICO score can make purchases with the MyPremierCreditCard without feeling out of control or wondering how their score is being affected.

Because having poor or no credit puts you at a higher risk to the company, First Premier Bank offers this credit card as a stepping stool for those looking to build their credit score.

MyPremierCreditCard holders should expect to start with higher Fees that include APR, monthly maintenance and start-up fees.

As you make consistent monthly credit card payments to your card your Experian score will rise and you will soon be able to qualify for a larger variety of cards with fewer fees and a lower APR. login screen

MyPremierCreditCard: How To Create An Online Accountmypremiercredicard login image

How to setup a New Credit Card Account:

  • Visit First Premier Bank homepage
  • Click “Enroll” at top left of homepage
  • Enter account number and social security number
  • Create a username and password that you will remember

MyPremiereCreditCard Logging In/Returning Users:

  • Go to First Premier Bank homepage
  • Click “Sign In” at top right of homepage
  • Enter username and password

Click “Continue” to log in Login Issues

If you forgot your login information, please see MyPremierCreditCard Recovery.
If you forgot your password, please see MyPremierCreditCard Password.

Using MyPremierCreditCard Login Portal

First Premier BankThere are many features that cardholders have easy access to once they have setup their online account. These features include an updated Experian report, payment protection, text and email alerts, paperless bills and other communication.

My Premier Credit Card Updated Experian Report

With your My Premier Credit Card online account login, cardholders are given two Experian free credit report checks per month, allowing you to keep track of your score. This is important if you struggle with keeping a good standing and want to achieve a good score in the future. Users can even set alerts if there are any changes to your Experian report.

Receive Text/Email Alerts For Your Credit Card

If you like to be in control of managing your financial accounts but need a reminder every once in a  while, First Premier Bank gives you the option to have real-time text and email alerts on your MyPremierCreditCard.

Some examples of the alerts you can opt to receive are:

  • When a purchase is made over a certain dollar amount
  • When your billing due date is coming up
  • When you are approaching your card limit
  • When a purchase is made outside the US
  • When any kind of change is made to your account (name, pin, etc..)
  • When your card is not present at the point of sale

Setting up text or email alerts for your MyPremierCreditCard is also very easy. To set up alerts, simply visit your online account and adjust your settings.

First Premier Paperless Billing Option

With more and more companies pushing their customers to choose paperless billing and correspondence, First Premier Bank is no different. Going paperless gives MyPremierCreditCard holders instant and convenient access to their online account and allows them to make changes without having to spend time on hold or waiting in line for customer service.

MyPremierCreditCard Paperless statements are eco-friendly and help keep the mailbox under control. If a printed copy of your account information is ever necessary, just print from the comfort of your home.

Premier Credit Card Protection Service

We all know that life just happens sometimes and it’s important to be prepared for those unexpected life events. First Premier Bank offers a credit card protection service called Premier Credit Protection. In case of job loss due to a qualifying event such as disability, unpaid family leave, or hospitalization, the protection plan will allow you to extend your card limit for a small fee.

For every $100 in outstanding charges, you will only be charged $0.89, which allows you to have the funds you need when you need them. This payment protection insurance is definitely worth purchasing, even if just for the peace of mind.

Use The First Premier Bank Mobile App

In addition to enjoying all the finance features of your online account at home, you can now enjoy them on the go as well with the new First Premier Bank mobile app! Instantly access your card information with even more convenience and flexibility.

NOTE: We are not affiliated with MyPremierCreditCard, and you should NOT contact us with any sensitive information that is of a personal nature. We are merely a resource that provides information.

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