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UPDATED: March 18, 2018  –  Millions of Americans own multiple credit cards. They have major credit cards and store-branded credit cards. In fact, many Americans use their credit cards responsibly by remaining significantly under their available credit line. When they need to make a big purchase, many people pay their balance down before the end of their billing cycle to avoid large interest payments.

Cardholder Benefits

The Maurices’ credit card allows people to get fashion-forward clothing when they need it with the swipe of a card. Members can save on shipping when they order their products online. When cardholders get their credit cards, they get an instant discount of 15% off of their first order. The charge card also offers additional ways to save money and extra perks for cardholders throughout the year.

  • Online bill payment
  • Notification of sales and promotion in advance
  • No annual fee
  • The ability to add authorized users to the account
  • 10% on first in-store purchase
  • Helps build credit for people who lack credit

This CC cand be a decent option for someone who lacks credit to build their credit history. As a store-branded charge card, it doesn’t impose stringent credit requirements for approval like most major credit cards. As such, parents who are interested in helping their children build their credit history can utilize this card

Managing a Maurices Credit Card Login


Through the companies online management portal, many cardholders will find it easy to remain on top of their credit card bills. Members can make their make payments, request a credit line increase, review their statement, and do a host of other activities.


The Drawbacks

People who sign up for charge cards understand that there are trade-offs when it comes to owning any particular card. Specifically, companies that offer credit cards do so to increase brand loyalty. As such, people may view some aspects of the card a drawback.

The financing charges start at 24.99%. At such a high rate, people who carry a high balance may find that a minimum monthly Payment will do little to pay down their high balance.

The company does not offer an introductory interest rate. In the absence of a low or no interest rate period, cardholders are always paying interest if they carry a balance on their card. Unfortunately, without the low or no interest rate period, many cardholders don’t have an interest-free period to “try out” their card.

Another drawback is the fact that members can’t transfer their balances and the card is exclusively for Maurices purchases.

Account Recovery

If you forgot your account details, you can reset your username or password here.


NOTE: We are not an affiliate with Maurices. You should NOT contact us with any sensitive information that is of a personal nature. We are merely a resource that provides information.

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