I Just Made $4,600 in 2 hrs. My Product Went Viral. Or Did It?


I returned from my run and checked my phone for an update on sales. What I saw shocked me and I started to do a dance all by myself in the kitchen. Amazon had sold $2,200 so far today and it was only 6pm. I downed some food and ran back to office. Our product was selling at a ferocious rate. Fifteen minutes later sales had almost doubled to $4,100.

At this point I’m jumping up and down high five-ing my only employee. It was going to be a late night of packing orders, but totally worth it! It was a new daily record.

I decided it would be smart to try and snoop around and see if I could identify what happened and why we suddenly blew up. The following 30 minutes went like something like this.

7:30 PM:     Sales had risen to $4,600.

7:32 PM:     Sold out of inventory in Amazon warehouses.

7:45 PM:     We notice that the other sellers on Amazon still have stock. We are the only ones sold out. This seems odd.

8:00 PM:     We realize that a recent promotion coupon code we ran had been posted to our own product page.

8:03 PM:     Reality set in HARD.

Instead of making $4,600 in 2 hours we had lost $1,500 with the coupon code going viral. I could not believe it!! It turns out that Amazon has a very small checkbox that says ” display in txt” but does not say where that txt is displayed or what is displayed. It turns out we published our extreme discount code to the world and it indeed went viral!

I spent the rest of the night packing orders and found myself bursting out in random uncontrollable fits of laughter. Another late night for the books.

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