Making Money Online: 1st Attempt

How I failed at making money online

I returned from Costa Rica in 2007 determined that I was going to make a fortune off the Internet and live part time in a tropical wonderland. Where does one start when trying to become financially independent? I could sell toilet seat covers. I could sell GPS dog collars or suggest what Pay Day Loans people should get.

The possibilities are endless!

How do you explain these mad ideas to your parents that expect you to have a career job, health insurance, house, etc.

Time to start making money!

I decided on writing an Ebook. It took me approximately 100 hours to complete the 27 page Ebook along with writing the copy for the sales page. It was also my first introduction to WordPress so there was a bit of a learning curve getting the site live.  The topic was riveting “Buy the Right Computer for You”. You can get your very own copy here . Don’t act like you’re not impressed! I’ve kept the site live all these years so I could remember where my journey started.

First try to make money online

And that’s how I became a millionaire. What? You don’t believe me? HA HA. Would you believe me if I told you that I never sold a single copy. I actually had spent $200 on Google Adwords to drive traffic to the site. So my first business lost $200. Clearly I was going to need to rethink things. Making money from my laptop was going to prove a little more difficult than I expected.

Although this money making Ebook was an epic failure, It was a starting place. I learned about writing sales copy, WordPress, hosting domains, and that my dream was not going to happen overnight. Most of all, I had an idea and I saw it through to the end. Surly my next idea would be the ONE!

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