How to Access Your Credit Karma Login – Is It Safe?

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UPDATED:  March 31, 2020 – Using a Credit Karma is an easy and fast way to check your score without paying any money. It is the perfect solution for people who want to keep an eye on their score but do not want to pay a monthly fee to do so.

Creating an online login gives individuals access to a free credit check whenever they feel they have experienced a change in their rating. The website also offers assistance with improving your credit score by providing tips, assistance, and advice.

Features of your Account

Some of the biggest features of using an online platform like the mobile app or the online website is that you get to see all of your rating details just like it would be on an Equifax report.

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It provides you with all of your  details so you can accurately monitor your score and make sure your credit rating from one of the 3 major bureaus is up-to-date and correct.

Credit ratings range from Good, Average, Low, Poor, and Bad. Generally speaking, on a scale of 300 to 850…

  • Good  =  680 or above
  • Average  =  620 – 679
  • Good  =  580 – 619
  • Poor  =  500 – 579
  • Bad = anything below 500

If you are needing to improve your score, the online service can help to provide many resources to assist with improving your score.

Create Your Credit Karma Login

If you are considering signing up to manage your score, simply visit and click on the “Sign Up!” button at the top of the homepage.

credit karma login

Once you are redirected to the sign up page you need to fill in the required information including:

  • Email address
  • Create a password*
  • Choose a security question

If you already have an online account just click on the “Login” button at the top of and fill in your email address and password.

When you create a Credit Karma login individuals can get a free check from one of the 3 credit bureaus such as Equifax or TransUnion. These two scores allow you to see a great overall view of your rating.

Note:  When you are creating a password make sure you are using numbers, letters, and special characters. Using all three of these elements help prevent a stolen identity.

Protecting Yourself With Identity Theft Monitoring

The company takes extra care in ensuring its users do not fall victim to identity theft.

Credit Karma Unclaimed Money

Some unclaimed money comes from checking, savings, and investment accounts, payroll checks, trust distributions, customer overpayments, security deposits and life insurance payouts.

If this money is unclaimed or forgotten about, it eventually goes to the state after a rightful owner fails to collect it. In most states, the money is usually held until an owner is found.

If you think you may have some unclaimed money out there, or perhaps you just want to check between the sofa cushions of life for some “free money”, Credit Karma makes it an easy process with Credit Karma Unclaimed Money.

All you need to do is enter your full name and the state you reside (or have resided) in, then let them do all the searching. For some states, they may even find unclaimed property in addition to unclaimed money. If there’s a match, they offer state-specific instructions on how to file your claim.  The best part? This is a completely free service this company offers.

Some customers have claimed to have found up to $800, then shortly after their claim, were sent a check with their previously unclaimed money.

It’s very possible that you, too, have unclaimed property or unclaimed money out there, so let this company do all the searching for you and collect the free money you’re entitled to.

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Login Issues

If you forgot your account login information, please see Username-Password Recovery

NOTE: We are not affiliated with Credit Karma, and you should NOT contact us with any sensitive information that is of a personal nature. We are merely a resource that provides information.

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