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UPDATED April 10, 2018  The world of hand to hand cash transactions continues to recede while the largest cause of that, namely the charge card industry, continues to grow and dominate the way people make purchases and conduct business.  This growth drives the needs of consumers, and that domination dictates how the best card companies function.  Exhibit A could be the Citi Simplicity credit card.

This particular offering from Citi is designed to keep things simple. Having the recognition and security of working with a proven, reliable and known financial institution can also afford clients a peace of mind too.  So many choices in the market today has given consumers the control and power to decide who they deal with; there is a reason why so many people everywhere choose to work with them.

Fewer Fees Should Make You Happy

Regardless of the need, be it an in-store purchase while on vacation in another country enjoying the CitiCard No-Foreign Transaction Fees advantage or gaining rewards for essential purchases like gas, this is a great purchasing option. Being a card that people want to use is a necessity in the industry, that need has also generated many other benefits found on this card.  By eliminating unnecessary charges and fees combined with creating an awards program that works for practical purchases, the Citi Simplicity credit card has found a large group of happy customers

Some Great Benefits…

An eye-opening no late-payment fee or an industry leading 21-month introductory period.  That also includes zero interest on purchases during that time among other welcome bonuses.  With no penalty fees and low-interest rates on things like cash advances, the Citi Simplicity login makes account management easy too. With a friendly interface including that for mobile devices, checking balances, moving funds or updates are painless and fast.  This all goes back to being a card people want.

Another practical benefit worth mentioning is the availability of an amazing customer service team.  Available support and around-the-clock help is a call away, and there will be a live representative, not some computer prompt.

There are two points of consideration when it comes to this piece of plastic, balance transfer fees, and APR rates.  The variable APR can get comparatively high, and be following the introductory period, balance transfers come with a fee as well.

How to Contact

Filtering through the countless number of credit providers and companies can be daunting.  Many cards have features that can come with hidden charges and limitations or complex features. If you think that this might be a great card for you, call 866-584-1003; Businesses can call 866-422-3091 for more detail or apply online.

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