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UPDATED December 8, 2017  Credit cards are a great way to teach responsibility when it comes to using credit lines. Finding the right card can make a huge difference in the cost of owning it and how many benefits that you might receive in the process.

Why You Should Consider It

Citi bank offers a wide range of credit cards that can help you earn rewards points while responsibly raising your credit score. One such card is the Citi Double Cash Card. This card offers a credit line that is flexible and that offers some rewards based on the purchases that you make.

The company is a very reliable lender and Visa is accepted by most big-name retailers.  This type of general use card great for first-time cardholders and seasoned users as well. Visit to apply and create a Citi Double Cash Login.

There are some obvious benefits to this membership. The one standout is users will receive double pointsonce on the purchase and then again when the minimum payment is made.

  • Users receive 1% back on purchases and 1% back when you pay your minimum balance.
  • No annual fee.
  • 0% APR on balance transfers for the first 18 months.
  • Earn money back in all categories.
  • No cap on how much money back you can receive.

The APR for this card varies depending on your credit score, starting at 13.49% and going to 23.49%. There is a 25.74% APR for money advances.

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The Cons

Though this is a great card all around, there are some drawbacks that you should consider. The first is that 1% back is not all that much on smaller purchases. Unless you are making large purchases or paying off large sums of money from your card at once, you are not going to be getting a ton of money back in rewards.

Another drawback is that the interest rate, even on the lower end, is quite a bit higher than the interest rates on other cards. The interest rate on the lower end is 13.49% while on the higher end it is 23.49%. This rate is dependent on your FICO number, so this card is not going to be optimal for building your history and is going to be best for those that already have higher credit scores.

Manage Your Profile Online

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For those that have already gotten the card or are still considering it, the citi double cash login process is standard and easy to navigate which is certainly a plus.

The dashboard offers you the ability to look at your statement and see in detail what purchases were made, it also gives you the chance to alter your account and see what rewards you have gotten during the month.

Trouble Accessing Your Account?

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