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UPDATED: February 18, 2018  – BJ’s is an American wholesale club that’s only accessible to members. The companies Wholesale Clubs are located throughout the United States East Coast, in the vast state of Ohio, and online.

The Advantages

The Wholesale chain allows members to purchase bulk items at discounted rates. Many people who are members of the wholesale club see value in this. They can shop at the retail giant and stock up on items they use on a regular basis. If they own a BJ’s cc, then they can charge their purchase, allowing them to extend their household’s budget.

Cardholders can earn cash back on their purchases. With the ability to earn cashback, cardholders realize additional savings on their purchases.

Cardholders also receive a reduced price at the pump. Instead of paying the regular price listed, cardholders save an extra $.10 off the price of each gallon of gas at the pump. With gas prices fluctuating up throughout the year, the ability to reduce the cost of gas can save household hundreds of dollars during a year.

The company offers three different Mastercards:

  1. Perks MasterCard
  2. World MasterCard
  3. Perks World for Business Card

Each offering exclusive myBJsperks that allow cardholders to accrue points that can be used towards future purchases.

People who have this cc reduce the cost of their annual Wholesale Club membership. Instead of paying $50 each year to maintain their membership, cardholders pay only $40 when they are in the Perks Plus program.


Possible Downsides

Although the company offers a host of benefits to cardholders, there are some drawbacks to carrying these pieces of plastic.

Members who want to take advantage of these perks have to spend handsomely at to see significant rewards. Unfortunately, some people may find that spending a lot isn’t cost-effective when it comes to the rewards points they receive.

The interest rate  varies between 13.99 to 27.99%, based on an individuals credit score. The full range between the lowest and highest interest rate may be alarming to some because in the event of a credit problem, Comenity Capital Bank, the issuer of the card, may increase the cardholder’s interest rate.

Of course, to get approved for the cc, would-be cardholders must have acceptable credit. Unfortunately, people who have unfavorable histories based on Comenity Capital Bank’s standards are often declined for the card.

Managing Your Account Online


Cardholders can use the BJs credit card login to access their account. Once there, they have access to a host of activities, including the ability to make payments, review their usage, and change their personal information.

Did you forget your username? Go here to reset Username Recovery
If you forgot the password, Reset Your Password

People who have the card or who want to learn more about the card can contact customer service at 855-269-1622. They can also mail correspondence to the following address:

Comenity Capital Bank
PO Box 659834
San Antonio, TX 78265


NOTE: We are not an affiliate with BJs. You should NOT contact us with any sensitive information that is of a personal nature. We are merely a resource that provides information.

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