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UPDATED December 8, 2017 – Today we look at the three credit card offers from JCPenney and help you choose the best credit card for your spending habits. We are in no way affiliated with Credit, continue reading for JCP Credit Card login access.

Pros: The JCPenney Credit Card provides a point for each dollar that is spent. So what does one point get you? For every 100 points, you earn an extra ten dollars. This can be a great deal especially if your a person who likes to shop. You also have a 0% APR on your card balance for the first 36 months. To add to the credit card rewards JCP sends out exclusive discount codes throughout the year. It’s not too difficult to be accepted, even people with low credit score still have good luck with acceptance. As an introductory offer, JCPenney gives you 20% of your entire 1st purchase. credit

Cons: Many of the poor JCP credit card reviews complain about the very high-interest rate of 26.99% APR. If you are forced to carry a balance for even a short amount of time, the card quickly looses its ability to save with the member discounts. Another common complaint is that if you don’t spend a minimum of one hundred dollars then you won’t qualify for your credit card rewards that month.  All three of the credit card offers are only valid when used for purchasing good at and do not have the ability to do balance transfers which are why many people with good credit score are better off with a cash back card.

Being able to manage your credit card account online gives you the freedom and peace of mind to be able to check your account balance or make a payment from anywhere, even on your phone. You can make changes to your account or see if you have a payment coming up by simply logging in.

Jcp Credit Card Login – You can apply for credit card Here:


That link also allows you to login to your account once you have created it.

To register for your online management account you will need your card and then you will need to create a user ID and password for yourself. jcp

Once you have logged in, you will be able to view your account balance and press “make a payment” to pay your balance. There will also be a link for you to request an increase to your spending limit and you will see a section where you can navigate your recent purchases or payment activities.

You can even download your account activity for record keeping purposes. If for some reason you need to request a replacement card or dispute a charge you will be able to do so through the online management portal. If you move to a new address you can update your information through your JCPenney account as well. Credit Card Final Thoughts:

JC Penny offering has some decent saving opportunities but it is not one of the best credit card rewards options out there. It’s extremely limiting to only be able to use the card in store and can be difficult to actually use the limited discounts that are given. For a lot of consumers with decent credit score, it makes more sense to get a cash back credit card with 0% APR with a substantial signup bonus that can be used at any store to purchase anything you desire. For the sake of debt, some constraint should be used. We suggest you check out our other credit card reviews before committing.



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Note: We are not affiliated with Credit, and you should NOT contact us with any sensitive information that is of a personal nature. We are merely a resource that provides information.

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