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UPDATED December 8, 2017 – The GM Card Login offers unique benefits for both families and businesses through three different credit cards including the GM Family Extended Card, BuyPower Card, and BuyPower Business Card. Each has no annual fee and is easy to apply for online. They are all associated with the Capital One GM card.  We are in no way affiliated with GMCard.com/myaccount, continue reading for GM Card login access.

Your GMCard.com Login

When signing up for a GM Card Login online you must provide an email, name, address, phone number, Social Security Number, annual income, and other financial information. Part of this process is to run a credit check using one of the 3 credit bureaus. Approval for a GMCard is dependent on what credit rating comes back from the credit check. Once an application is approved individuals must create a GM Card login. It is done using a secure online system that provides identity theft protection. gm card login

GM Card Extended Family Card

The GM Extended Family Card lets cardholders earn 1% credit toward the purchase of their next GM, Buick, Cadillac or Chevrolet. Cardholders can also combine earnings on the card and discount toward the purchase of their next car. When it is time to redeem the GMCard reward points call dealership and get a vehicle authorization number. Discuss the best purchase price and deduct the earnings from the vehicle price. Individuals can choose a car, SUV, or truck from the selected dealers.

The GM Extended Family Card offers many deals and discounts. Cardholders can participate in the GM Employee Discount Program, GM Supplier Discount Program, GM Military Discount Program, and GM Credit Union. A GM Card Login has many great benefits for your family. If you rack up $100 dollars in points you can get $100 cash. Keep track of earnings with a GM Card Login online account by viewing your monthly statement electronically.

The GMCard lets you earn 5% on your first $5,000 worth of purchases the first year. After that it is 2% earnings on an unlimited amount of purchases. Earnings can be used to lower payments on your next car, upgrade your vehicle, or get behind the wheel of a new car faster. The Buy Power Business Card gives you 5% earnings on purchases of GM parts, accessories, and services. This includes gas, restaurants, and office supplies. You have 1% earnings on all other purchases. Each card has its own special features and rewards for customers.

gm card login

GM Card Login

If you are considering applying for a GM Card credit card you will have to be approved first. This approval is based off of your credit score and financial standings. Once approved creating your GM Card Login is simple. Click on the “Sin In” button at the top of GMCard.com. This will redirect to a login page where the cardholder will have to click Personal or Business. This action will take you to another page where if you’re a new user have the opportunity to “Register Now” and create your username and password. New users will be required to enter personal information including social security number and credit card number. Choose a username that will be easy to remember like an email address. Password protection is very important for identity theft protection, so when creating a password use numbers, letters, and special characters. If a returning user add your username and password and click the “Login” button.

Login Issues

If you forgot your GM Card login, please see Username Recovery 
If you forgot your GMCard.com password, please see Reset Your Password

Company Contact & GM Card Login Customer Service

Service Desk:  800-446-5347


Capital One Care Center
P.O. Box 30256
Salt Lake City, UT 84130-0256

Note: We are not affiliated with GMCard.com, and you should NOT contact us with any sensitive information that is of a personal nature. We are merely a resource that provides information.



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