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Belk Credit Card Login

UPDATED December 8, 2017  Credit cards, store cards, and prepaid cards allow consumers to make purchases when they don’t have cash on hand. More and more people are beginning to prefer the security “plastic” offers over traditional money. They have the freedom to use their cards where they like. Additionally, with many credit card, store cards, and prepaid credit card companies replacing lost or stolen cards, they don’t have to worry about losing their money for good, as they do with actual cash. We are in no way affiliated with Belk Credit Card Payment, continue reading for Belk Credit Card login access.

One such store credit card many people find appealing is the Belk credit card. With a Belk credit card login, Belk offers consumers three types of store charge cards: Belk Rewards, Belk Premier, and Belk Elite. All of three cards can be used to make purchases at any Belk retail store or People who have these cards also get the benefit of taking advantage of other promotions Belk advertise, which vary throughout the year.

About the Belk Credit Card

The cards feature a loyalty plan that allows users to earn points they can use to make purchases, receipt-free returns, no annual fee, easy online account management, and zero fraud liability. The other cards offer customers more opportunities to save money and more opportunities for rewards. With a Belk Credit Card login, consumers can access their online account to update personal information, check rewards points and make a Belk credit card payment.

The Belk Rewards Card

The Belk Rewards Card is the first among the three Belk cards offered at With this card, cardholders can begin earning points as soon as they get their card. For each $1 users spend on purchases, they get 1 point towards a discount on a future purchase. For every 400, customers receive $10 off of a future purchase.

The Belk Premier Card

The Belk Premier Card gives cardholders all the same features of the Belk Rewards Card. Cardholders also get additional features, including special financing with the Belk Rewards Flex Pay Plan, Premier Savings days, and special savings offers exclusively for Premier cardholders. Cardholders earn these benefits by spending at least $600 in a calendar year.

The Belk Elite Card

The Belk Elite Card requires consumers to spend at least $1,500 in a calendar year. By spending more money with Belk, Premier cardholders can earn triple points that never expire. They also receive a 20% coupon quarterly and a 20% coupon on their birthdays. Other benefits of having the card include free shipping on in-store orders and orders placed online.

Belk gives cardholders secure access to their accounts online. By choosing the rewards card link from their homepage, users can then input their Belk credit card login information and access their account.

Although having one of the Belk store cards is a convenient way to shop in-store and online, there are some drawbacks to having the card. For starters, the interest rate charged to the card is almost 25%. With Elite cardholders forced to spend $1,500 each year, the cost of having a Belk card can add up quickly. Another drawback to having a Belk card is the fact that cardholders can only use the card at Belk. Unlike credit cards and prepaid cards, cardholders don’t have the flexibility to use it wherever major credit cards are accepted.

Managing Belk Credit Card Login

Belk Credit Card Login

Once a cardholder receives their card in the mail, managing their account can start immediately. From Belk’s website, users can just click “Belk Rewards Card” at the top of the homepage to access their account. Of course, first-time users will have to select “Register Here” to set up their account. Returning customers can use their Belk credit card login information to access their account using the same feature. Once there, they can make their Belk credit card payment, check their balance, look at how many points they’ve earned, check recent activity and more.

The Belk credit card is a great card for anyone who prefers shopping at Belk. The credit card offers users a variety of benefits and managing the card is simple online. After logging into their account, users can quickly make their Belk credit card payment and access other features. People interested in the card can start their application by visiting

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