About me.

Welcome friends, family, and all those random people on the internet that found your way to my site. CreditLogon seems like an odd domain for a personal finance blog but after a few IPA’s and weeks deliberating on where I was going to park my writing efforts I made the big purchase.

For those don’t know me, I’m Garth. I’ve been dead set on creating my own path since I started collecting and selling worms from my parents back yard to the corner market at age six. In middle school, I started a lawn-care service that eventually had 50+ clients and was making more money an hour than I would several years out of college. I spent most of the money restoring an old Chevy pickup which is a beauty but is not earning any compound interest :(.

After college, I decided that the best route for me was to put my computer science degree to good use so I entered the IT field where I spent an uncomfortable couple of years trying to “fit in”. I bought a newer Honda SUV and started my decent into the dark hole of debt. During these first few years out of college, I tried to live up to the lifestyle my roommates, who were making twice as much as I was, the credit card debt slowly climbed.

By the time I was 27 I was still living paycheck to paycheck, had 10k in credit card debt, not to mention another $15k of student loan on my back. I was also growing very unhappy with my career. I read The Four Hour Work Week and quit my job two weeks later. I know, not the greatest financial decision! Some how pieced together 1k and went to Costa Rica for a month then had to take an 8-5 job and slowly paid off my 10k in credit card debt and the 8k I owed on my car. Next up I funded an emergency account with $10k. Financially I was the most successful I had ever been, but I felt as though my sole was getting sucked from me each day I spent in the cube farm. In 2011 I quit and send goodbye to my steady income.

In 2015, at 34, I found myself in a SHIT TON of debt.

40,000 credit card debt
40,000 business credit line debt
50,000 attorney bills
10,000 personal loans
Total: $140k

I was paying $800 a month in credit card INTEREST ONLY. The ship was sinking fast!! I was living a very modest life, but there were many months were my income as an entrepreneur was not paying the bills. I also had money tied up in physical inventory in my business that was sitting in a cold warehouse.

It was bleak, so I decided to write about it.
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